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Located directly opposite Europa Park in Rust, Germany, we strive to be a high-quality, mid-range inn for families and other price-conscious guests. We aim to impress our guests with outstanding service and high quality, all in an attractive package that is designed to be sustainable in terms of energy, ecology, and health.

Our heat and hot water draw on solar energy, our electricity is purchased from environmentally friendly providers, and our water and energy consumption management system identifies areas of high consumption. Our bathrooms are stocked with sustainable body care products and cleaned using cleaning supplies with environmentally friendly, biodegradable ingredients.

The guests' linens are washed by an environmentally certified regional service provider. The breakfast buffet features many products from regional, organic agriculture. These measures are complemented by an intelligent waste-avoidance strategy.

Alongside this, the inn actively supports WWF
Germany in a variety of projects, from preserving the jaguar's habitat in the Amazon Rainforest to protecting mountain gorillas in the heart of Africa. Information on our contributions is posted in the common area.
In addition to our family-friendly prices, our atmosphere is especially designed to appeal to youngsters. This was our guiding principle when selecting the furnishings and amenities for both the rooms and the common areas.

Our deep-seated ideas and our family-friendly concept guarantee our guests an amiable, cozy atmosphere. When you arrive, you will find more than affordable lodging, but an inn that takes its use of natural resources seriously and puts its passion into practice. We hope your stay will give you food for thought on these issues.